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Interested in taking a table at our our Festival?

Contact us for more information

Dave Weeden One of our regular DVD sellers.  Dave will be attending both weekends. 

Terry Hobbs Another of our regular DVD sellers.  Terry will be attending 19, 20 and 21 January.

Phil Morrison
 Another regular DVD seller.  Phil will be attending Saturday and Sunday 13/14 January and Saturday and Sunday 20/21.

Chloe Abbott

Attending 13/14 January

I'm an artist and specialise in hand drawn pictures and paintings of all things horror.

I will have original work and prints up for sale. 

Instagram @chloesshopofhorrors

Chloe Abbott Screenshot_20230530-232101~2.png

Stacey Dighton

Attending 12/13/14 January

Stacey Dighton is an author of horror and fantasy fiction from the south-east of England. He has published three books: the horror-crime novels, ‘Pale Face and The Raven’ and its sequel, ‘The Hawk and The Raven’, as well as the horror-fantasy novel, ‘The Faraway People’, which was published by Cranthorpe Millner in October 2023. His short stories have featured in anthologies by Scare Street and Knight Writing Press. 

Instagram @staceydightonauthor

Twitter @Stacey_Dighton 

Facebook stacey.dighton.509.


James Lefebure

Attending 19/20/21 January

I'll be bringing my lovecraftian horror novels The Books of Sarah and God In The Livingroom. I'll also have mystery horror books and two anthologies I've got stories in - The Horror Collection LGBTQIA Edition and We're Here - Horror Collection. 

Instagram- @jameseylefebure

Facebook - JamesLefebureWriter

Tiktok - @jameseylefebure

Author Pic.jpg


Attending 13/14 January

Cinecrypt is adapting forgotten or overlooked horror movies, giving them new life in comic book form! From gothic shocks to B-movie shlock, we restore these stories to their original glory, sometimes with strange and subversive twists.







Twisted Squid

Attending 19/20/21 January

I sell my own designs inspired by mental health, chronic illnesses, dreams/nightmares, myths and legends. They’re sold as t-shirts, hoodies, colouring books, art prints, pins and accessories. 





  Facebook: TwistedSquidTs

  Instagram: TwistedSquidTs

Check back for more Dealers
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