saturday 11 january

Tickets for each time slot include entrance to the main feature and the short films

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The Numbers

UK : 48m : 2018 : Directed by Andrew Elias

10.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00



The Numbers follows the stories of Millie, a young woman about town in 1955; Colin, a down on his luck musician in 1983; and Daniel, a well-meaning young man in 2018. All three are drawn together as they try to understand the consequences that choosing 'the numbers' will have on them.

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+ Be Uncertain : UK : 15m : Jack Carrivick


Stuck in a stagnant routine John Doe finally does the unexpected only to wish he hadn’t, now full of uncertainty he must try and regain control.


+ Ruby Rain : UK : 18m : S N Sibley



+ Deliver Us from Evil : UK : 4m : Directed by Peter Boyce





Live or Let Die


Germany : 1h 49m : 2019 : Directed by Manuel Urbaneck

12.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00


Through an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction. The undead walks among the land and hunts the living. The very few that are left, aimlessly searching for a better tomorrow. The Survivor and lone wolf Nick (Jan Bohlenschmidt) finds an old Diary that contains a map, his last chance for hope to a Safer sanctuary. After a bloody encounter with reckless John (Manuel Urbaneck), both get together and wander through the dead and destroyed Land. Day after day it´s a hard fight of survival for their own lives, after they encounter a group of brutal thugs, murderers, and thieves things get out of control. Quickly the two realize that one thing is clear. Among the dead, the survivors develop into a greater threat!

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+ Nana : Spain : 10m : Bel Armenteros


12-year-old Simon lives in a dull cold house with his grandmother, a frustrated ballerina who often gives him a hard time. One night, in the loneliness of the house, an intruder is going to make fear creep over them both.

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Bride of Violence


USA : 1h 23m : 2018 : Directed by Travis Mills

15.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00


From the short story by Lawrence Block, Bride of Violence follows Dennis and Kate, a young Christian couple who are about to be married. They go camping one weekend and run into an escaped convict named Berenger. Isolated in the wilderness, they are tortured and terrorized by this man, while Dennis continues to have apocalyptic visions from the Book of Revelations which may be coming true.


+ Equals : Spain : 20m : Directed by Javier Yanez Sanz


Equals tells the story of Alex and Ruth, two twentysomethings who meet through a dating app, with a real connection. Within no time they are inseparable, a happy couple. They move in together and share hobbies and tastes… Gradually Alex starts to notice that Ruth is changing, until she no longer looks like herself, but like a mirror image of him.

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She Never Died

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Canada : 1h 30m : 2019 : Directed by Audrey Cummings

17.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00


Lacey, a socially detached loner is cursed with immortality and her never-ending tedium of existence.  In her attempts to keep her compulsions in check, she seeks out the darkest souls humanity has to offer.  Lacey must now face her own inner demons while simultaneously finding her next meal.


+ Cursed Granny : Spain : 19m : Suso Imbernon & Juanjo Moscardo Rius


Javi (8) is traumatized by the horror movies that his grandmother Candi plays every night. In fact, he will believe he could be living one when Candi suffers an intestinal stoppage and he confuses it with an alien possession. Javi is going to make a big deal out of it by trying to help his mother get whatever has to be taken out of her grandmother.

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UK : 1h 25m : 2020 : Directed by Michael Fausti

20.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00



An innocent double booking... a drink with new friends; what can be the harm?
But what if these sophisticated strangers have plans for you? What if they play with your life and leave it in tatters? What would you do to survive? Leaving... it’s harder than you think.

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+ Clean as you Like : UK : 15m : Directed by Theresa Varga


Best friends (and cleaners in crime) Bertha and Polly are the last two singletons of their friends group, who vow with a pinky swear to always stick together... Until Jock appears and threatens to rock their relationship with unexpected consequences.

+ The Cold Caller : UK : 4m : Directed by Lee Charlish


A woman awakes after being drugged to find herself tied up in a dingy, decrepit room, with a psychopath for company. Locating her belongings, she attempts to reach the outside world, but instead, it reaches out to her.

Day of the the Stranger

UK : 1h 19m : 2020 : Directed by Tom Lee Rutter

22.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £6.00

World Premier

The only British guerrilla-shot homage to the short-lived, acid-western sub-genre of the countercultural era ever made promises a kaleidoscope of blood, guns, satanic nymphs and psychedelic frenzy! A bounty retrieval gone wrong sees gun for hire Caine Farrowood face his toughest challenge yet as he faces a mysterious stranger who holds the key to the truth of his fate. 

+ Skeleton in the Closet : Finland : 11m : Tomi Malakias


A Stranger In A Strange Land, Exodus 2:22

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