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saturday 20 january

Tickets for each time slot include entrance to the main feature and the short films


All films are subject to last minute change without warning

Day 66 poster with laurel_edited.jpg

DAY 66

UK : 1h 37m : 2022 : Directed by Russ Tribe

10.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


The world now belongs to the dead. Jack retreated to the countryside to escape the madness. Is life worth living when you’re the sole survivor of an apocalyptic event? The human race as we know it is nearly extinct…

Mourning the loss of his wife & child, Jack contemplates his next move. He’s become adept at surviving. But is survival what he wants?

Day 66 follows Jack’s journey, as he battles the dead, and his inner demons.

Banner day66.jpg
DevourerScreenshot 2023-10-23 at 22.46.57.png

+ Devourer
UK : 14m : Directed by Kieran Johnston


A social media influencer has arranged to produce a video for his social media page on The Devourer, an urban legend. He intends to stay in a house with the host to conduct further research. Nevertheless, he has become aware that the host may not be who he claims to be.

DevourerScreenshot 2023-10-23 at 22.47.31.png
The Night Blooms 1.1.png

+ The Night Blooms
UK : 7m : Directed by Daniel Keeble


Driven by a mother's love and a desire to protect her children from a dangerous world, a woman resorts to unsettling measures by keeping them permanently asleep.

The Night Blooms 4.1.png


UK : 1h 34m : 2023  : Directed by Louisa Warren

12.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


Eager to provoke the next big viral splash, a group of ambitious Vloggers arrive at an abandoned English farm to uncover the true story of the infamous Legend of the Pigman. 25 years before, a young farmer's son butchered three school bullies who had been tormenting him. The bodies were found, but the Pigman had disappeared, never to be seen again. The farm has been abandoned since, but rumors persist that the Pigman is still in hiding and waiting to slaughter anyone who would trespass upon his lair. Can they debunk the myth – or will they perhaps unleash the beast once more?

Hannah Vango and Aaron J Neil in THE LAST CALL.png

+ The Last Call
UK : 7m : Directed by Russ Gomm


The lights are dimmed and the bell is rung. It’s last orders at the Rock Lodge, but the night is only just beginning. Creepy customers, ominous calls and, for one unexpected visitor, there is still time enough to enjoy its last round…

Hannah Vango in THE LAST CALL.png
Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 14.51.15.jpg

+ Sunday Driver
UK : 11m : Directed by Mark Lawrence


Bazza's late for the match again, but he's confident he'll get there in time...until he bumps into the Sunday drivers..."

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 14.46.46.jpg


Italy : 1h 24m : 2023 : Directed by Alex Visani

15.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


Tirana 2022, a group of young people decide to invest a large sum of money to open a cool new place inside a bunker of the former communist regime. Inside the bunker, however, they will face a horror, hidden for decades, thirsty for blood and armed with lethal blades.


+ Everbliss Inn
USA : 27m : Directed by Kays Al-Atrakchi


Jackson and Kate, en-route to visit his parents, spend a night at Everbliss Inn -- an idyllic B&B deep in rural Georgia. Kate develops an immediate connection to the inn and its quirky-but-well-natured host Gwendolyn, while Jackson begins experiencing strange happenings that seem to point to something much more sinister hiding beneath the tranquil façade. They soon realize that checking out of Everbliss Inn is not as easy as checking in

I curse 2023 poster.jpg


UK : 1h 27m : 2024 : Directed by Jackson Batchelor

17.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


Alison thinks her dreams have come true, when she finds her dream home,  a quiet seaside village pub. Little does she know the pub bears a chilling and inexplicable history of failure and death, rumoured to be cursed by forces of the ancient occult. In the depths of the pub’s storeroom a sinister presence lurks, patiently awaiting her moment for malevolence.


When Ally falls for local handyman Matt the curse tightens, and threatens their very lives. Matt and Ally are forced to turn to the village’s eccentric residents, who may hold the key to the dark secrets that have plagued the village for centuries. Will they

overcome the curse or will the Witch have her perpetual revenge?

I curse this land.jpg



15.00 : The Laurel & Hardy Suite, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


So you've gone and made a horror movie! Fantastic! But now what? Get your ticket for a special talk featuring war stories from 20 years in the business, input from other veterans of the indie filmmaking scene and the latest information about the likely industry trends of 2024. Join Pat Higgins ("One of the masters of horror" - The Dark Side, "The Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue" - SFX) for a one-stop shop of information and advice about what to do (and not to do) when you sell your bloody movie.

TFB still Train Track.png

+ The Foreboding: Fractured
UK : 26m : Directed by Kemal Yildrim


Entering the woods for a simple camping trip, four university students find themselves hunted for reasons unknown. A presence in the woods has shown itself making a connection. With their fates being intertwined in this place, how can they ever escape? Perspective is everything. 

TFB campfire still.png
Burnt Flowers Portrait Poster.png


UK : 1h 40m : 2024 : Directed by Michael Fausti

20.00 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


A visit from a mysterious femme fatale, leads a detective to a 1960’s serial killer who was never caught, a violent gangster and ultimately herself. Past crimes and obsessive love collide in this haunting and surreal Horror-Noir from Cult Director Michael Fausti.

Burnt Flowers Publicity 1.png
Burnt Flowers Publicity 5.jpg
TheProcess HoS Image2.jpg

+ The Process
UK : 22m : Directed by Debbie Lane


In a dystopian society where the only acceptable behaviour is unquestioning conformity, for those unable to adhere to this, there is a specialist rehabilitation centre. Here compliance is the only option. Here begins The Process.

TheProcess HoS Image1.jpg
cannibal mukbang high res1.jpg


USA : 1h 41m  : 2023 : Directed by Aimee Kuge

22.30 : The Ballroom, Park Inn by Radisson Palace : Tickets £7.00


Shy and looking for love, Mark quickly becomes smitten with the outgoing and mysterious Ash, who somehow, much to his surprise, reciprocates the attraction. But as his feelings for her intensify, so does his unexpected submersion into Ash's biggest love: the wild world of mukbanging. And with it, lots of bloodshed. Delving into a fascinating subculture while never losing focus on her characters, first-timer Aimee Kuge delivers a raucous and bold horror-comedy seeped in romance and gore.

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